Mandibular Bar Overdenture

Final Restoration

The overdenture utilizes three plastic clips in metal housings to allow for quick and easy exchange. The restoration is made entirely out of acrylic resin. Some variations include a metal framework.


Mandibular Bar Overdenture

The Hader Bar


Here is the gold bar supported on four implants. While the implants are located in the front of the mouth, the bar extends towards the back and allows for much greater support and stability then an attachment overdenture.


Mandibular Bar Overdenture

Patient Pre-Operative


Obviously, this patient has a problem with his lower teeth. this is what advanced dental decay looks like. Treatment in this situation is extraction of remaining lower teeth and either a denture or an implant overdenture.

pre op

Mandibular Bar Overdenture

Patient Post-Operative


The final restoration is a mandibular bar overdenture which gives the patient excellent function and esthetics.

post op

Maxillary Bar Overdenture

The Final Prostheses-Overdenture with a Horse Shoe Palate

The inside of the prosthesis reveals the metal base and the clips which hold onto the bar. The clips are plastic and they sit in a metal housing so that they are easy to change. Note that the palatal area is open to allow for improved taste sensations.