The final restoration is a new maxillary denture and a mandibular implant supported overdenture. The radiograph shows one of the implants (Nobel Biocare Conical Implant) and the amount of bone that we have preserved in the area.

Upper and Lower implant retained dental prosthesesCompleted Overdenture treatment - Smile


X-rays of one of the implants used for this restoration

Once the female abutments are in place, it is a simple matter to place the male attachments into the females and pick them up in the denture. I use GC pattern resin for this normally, but any acrylic resin may be used...

Abutments with Retaining CapsDenture prepared for implant abutment caps

ZAAG implant abutments in denture

tooth-Implant Conversion

This patient had an tooth supported overdenture which lasted for several years and gave her excellent service. When I first saw her, the bar was detached from the teeth on the right side and the case was failing. Our goal in treatment was to convert her as soon as possible to an implant supported overdenture thereby preserving the remaining bone.

Failing tooth-supported Hader BarDental Implant placed in Patient

Second Stage Surgery

Three months after implant placement, second stage surgery is performed and the ZAAG abutments are placed. Note the preservation of ridge height.

Surgical Incision to Place Dental ImpantsZAAG Implant Abutments