Basic Surgical Implant Placement

Placing the Attachments

The temporary abutments are removed, the ZAAG abutments are placed and the males are seated into the females and then picked up in the denture. The bottom photo shows the completed radiograph. Patient did well... Had one sore spot and has not been heard from since...

Implant SurgeryImplant Surgerysurg 36

Basic Surgical Implant Placement

Healing of the soft tissues

Implant Surgery The sutures are removed at one week. Note how nicely everything healed up. The patient did wear his denture during the first week.
Implant Surgery Three months later, second stage was done and the bottom photo shows the two week healing with temporary abutments in position.
Implant Surgery  

Basic Surgical Implant Placement

Suturing up the Soft Tissues

Implant PlacementImplant PlacementImplant PlacementImplant PlacementImplant PlacementImplant Placement

Basic Surgical Implant Placement

Gaining Surgical Access to the Underlying Bone

Once the incision is completed to the crest of bone, it is fairly easy to reflect the labial and lingual gingiva with a periosteal elevator. I use a number 7 wax spatula. Note that there is no vertical releasing incision. I try to avoid that incision because it is a little more painful for the patients.

When the entire area is exposed, we can now start our 2mm diameter preparation. I use A pointed twist drill to mark the site and penetrate the cortical bone as
demonstrated in the photo on the bottom.

Implant PlacementImplant PlacementImplant Placement

Basic Surgical Implant Placement

Making the Initial Incision


The patient is a 60-ish male in good health. He is wearing a complete denture and is not very happy with it. His request is for some improvement in retention and function. I documented the surgery real well so here it is.

You can see that there is good ridge height although the ridge is a little on the thin side... I make my access incisions right at the crest of the ridge extending right through the areas where I plan to place the implants...

Implant SurgeryImplant SurgeryImplant Surgery