shipThis site is devided into two basic sections: The first section is the Dentist Referral Section where patients can search for dentist or ask for help in qualifying a particular dentist in their area. The second section is information about dental imlpants and how they work. Here we cover fees and costs as well as various clinical situations which may use dental implants as a restorative solution for the patient. The second section, all about dental implants,  has been on line for over twenty years and has been used by thousands of patients to help them understand dental implants. The first section is new and is totally rewritten and designed to help the patients find their implant dental expert.

There are two basic types of menus on this site. The main menu is a horizontal menu half way up the page and it starts with "Start Here. . .". There are secondary menus that will appear on the left side of the page that will give you additional information. To get from the new referral section to the old, but updated, dental implant information section, just click the link over on the left that says "dental implant information". Follow the menus there to get the information you want. To get back here to the first section is a little trickier since there is another menu on the second section way at the top of the page. There. you will click the ling, "Return to the Referral Area" to get back to the beginning of the site. If you have any difficulty, I'm only a click away at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..