Information About This Site

In 1984, the modern dental implant concept was introduced to North America by Dr. P. I. Brånemark of Sweden. His research and design produced an elegant dental implant system which boasted up to a 98% success rate for patients who were missing their teeth. Since that time, there has been a huge amount of research and development with dental implants and the net result can sometimes be very confusing for the patients (and even the dentists). Couple this with the amount of advertising to promise things like “teeth in an Hour” and “Same Day Teeth”, the patient gets lost in a quagmire of claims and bravado that would leave anyone confused as to who one should see to get these types of advanced dental procedures.

The problem can sometimes be solved by asking your general dentist for a recommendation for dental implant placement and restoration. More often, this approach is complicated by the fact that the Generalist might not be well versed in these techniques and might not know who is really adept in this area. There are on-line referral services, but these, to date, only recommend dentists who pay them and there is absolutely no other qualifying procedures!

Enter… Yes, our dentists do pay to be listed on this site, but the difference here is that they have to be totally qualified before they are allowed to do so. We look at their education and training and we examine their experience in this area of dentistry very carefully to determine if they meet our standards. We may even do on site visits to experience for ourselves how these dentists interact with their patients! We are very thorough about qualifying each dentist who appears on this site and our intention is to help direct you to someone who has the training and experience to provide you with a great outcome.