Cost of Dental Implants

Dental Implants are Expensive...

There has, in my opinion, been a tendency for many practitioners to overcharge for dental implant procedures. If you are interested in my commentary about excessive fees in this field of dentistry, Click Here for information about excessive Fees. . .

There are two major costs involved in dental implant treatment. The first is the implant itself and the second is the restoration (tooth or teeth) that is anchored by the implant. In the United States, these two procedures are usually done by two seperate dentists thus increasing the cost to the patient substantially.  Fees for these services vary considerably. I have seen fees for a single implant that range from $ 300.00 to $ 3 ,000.00. I think that an average fee for the placement of each is between 800.00 and 1800.00.

In my practice, the fee per implant is $ 1850.00, however, if you contract to have me do all of the work associated with that implant or implants, then I may waive or modifythat fee. This is the advantage that I pass on to the patients in savings because I can do both procedures for them in one office.

I would charge for the implant if I were not doing the restorative work. Right now, I am offering to place implants to support an existing lower denture at a fee of $ 1900.00 complete. For that fee, I will place implants in your lower jaw and attach your existing denture to these implants for excellent stability and retention of the denture. To see all of my fees, you can view my fee schedule.  Remember that out of state patients will get great incentives to fly to Boynton Beach for their dental treatment.

Restorations on implants vary to a much greater degree and an individual can pay as much as several thousand dollars for a single restoration up to over$ 80 ,000.00 for a complete rehabilitation involving dental implants. Fortunately, there are implant restorations available for most people that are in the realistic range and allow many more people today to find a suitable solution to replacing missing teeth. You have to make sure that the dentist that you choose is familiar with all of the restorative options to suit your needs and that he can provide the treatment at a fee that you can live with.

Fees for dental implants are often inflated. Many patients save on their dental implant treatment when they become patients of Dr. Davidoff in Florida!

Current Fee Schedule

Effective June 1, 2012

Fees vary from individual to individual and from dentist to dentist. This section will give you a look at what my basic fees are for my dental implant and Prosthodontic procedures for the average patient. Difficult situations will require increased fees.

Most patients are very confused by the fees that many dentists charge for work that includes dental implants. The fees are usually very high and the profession is very inconsistent about how these fees are applied. The fees below are what I am presently charging  for various dental services involving dental implant reconstruction. If you do not see your particular situation below, or you're still confused, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.SRD

Please note that the fees charged for any individual may vary considerably depending upon the nature and difficulty of the treatment plan...

What it Includes
Not included
Total Fee
Replacing one Tooth Implant, Abutment, Crown, post-op and adjustments X-rays, Bone Grafting or extraction $2900.00
Replacing Two Teeth 2 Implants, 2 Abutments, 2 Crowns, Post-op and Adjustments X-rays, Bone Grafting or extractions $4500.00
Bone Graft Per Tooth Freeze Dried Bone, Extraction, Post-Op Membranes, PRF $750.00
Bone Graft with membrane Freeze Dried Bone, PRF or Gortex Membrane, Extraction , Post-op   $950.00
Upper or Lower Jaw Reconstruction All Implants, Abutments, Hybrid Restoration, Post-op and Adjustments X-rays, Grafting or extractions $14,500.00
Upper or Lower Reconstruction All Implants, Abutments, Crowns, Post-op and Adjustments X-ray, Grafting or extractions $26,000.00
2-Implant Overdenture 2 Implants, 2 Attachments, Denture, Post-Op and Adjustments x-rays, Grafting $3900.00
Bar or Attachment Overdenture 4 Implants, Gold Bar, Attachments, Denture, Post-Op and Adjustments X-rays, Grafting $12,500.00
Mini Implant Denture Stabilization 3-4 Mini Implants, Attachments, Post-Op and Adjustments X-rays, Grafting, Denture $3500.00


Crowns are all Porcelain-Fused-To-Gold Fees May change at any time (particularly if the economy ever improves)
Fees may be increased depending upon the particular situation (ie. greater difficulty)
All Work done by Dr. Davidoff
Effective June 1, 2012
Does not apply to patients currently in treatment




These fees are subject to change without notice.

Comparison of Dental Fees

Comparison of Dental Implant Fees*


Low Fee
Average Fee
High Fee
Simple 2-implant lower overdenture (2 Implants - 2 Attachments - new denture)
Bar Overdenture with 4 implants
Bar Overdenture with 5 or 6 implants
Fixed hybrid restoration one arch 5-6 implants
Fixed Crown and Bridge restoration one arch 6-10 implants
Single tooth replacement (crown - abutment- implant)
Three unit fixed bridge (Implant - Abutment- Crown)
Sinus Lift
Bone graft
Bone graft and membrane
Block Graft
Mini Implants to stabilize lower denture

*Fees vary considerably in dentistry, especially in regard to dental implants. The above chart does is not based on any scientific collection of data, merely on my impressions of the fee schedules out there. Please do not take the numbers as gossiple, but rather, use them as a guide in negotiating your dental treatment. Also, please be aware that someone who charges a higher fee is not necessarily delivering a superior product over someone who charges less.

Secrets of Restorative Implant Dentistry Fees