Crown and Bridge Final Restoration


The final restorations reflect the care and technical skills that went into this entire patient treatment.

Crown and Bridge Maxillary Restorations


Empress Crowns were used for the maxillary restorations. Note the amount of color built into these restorations. The Mandibular restoration is a poercelain-fused-to-gold restoration

Crown and Bridge Diagnostic Wax-Up


A diagnostic wax-up was performed to determine what could be achieved. The provisional restorations were placed and evaluated. I found the biggest problem with the provisional restorations was their mono-chromatic look. The shade for the final restorations was carefully construced.

Crown and Bridge Natural Teeth


This women in her early fifties had a disfiguring appearance of her anterior teeth. The two existing crowns on the maxillary central incisors did nothing to improve the appearance. The major problem, of course, was the crowding which was accentuated by the lack of a lip seal.