What you, as a restorative dentist, must know is that this is a very intense basic dental implant course. You are going to pay me for my time and expertise, but what I value most is the feeling that when I leave your office, I have left you and your staff the tools that will enable you to successfully place and restore implants while handling basic bone and soft tissue problems, restore those implants with a lasting, comfortable and well-fitting restoration and maintain that patient for many years to come.

I want you to be aware of the problems that you can encounter and how to solve them. I want you to be able to repair and/or replace things that have not gone quite right, and I want you to be exposed to the advanced concepts of today's implant dentistry, so you can chart a course forward that will grow into something that you, your family and your staff will be very proud of.

To this end,each of you who take this course will receive a course that is fully customized for your dental practice. It will be based upon my thirty years of experience with dental implants and the preliminary discussions that we have before the course actually starts.I will have you fill out some forms to get an idea of the scope and experience of your practice. With email and phone, we will have several discussions that will help me plan your course (I do not arrive in your office with a canned presentation that would probably not be of much help). I will prepare a detailed, individualized course schedule for you and your staff. The schedule will include the incorporation of one, two or three patients to treat over the three days in your office. The staff will be included in every phase of this learning experience. We will discuss the schedule and modify it if necessary. When we are both happy with the proposal, we will proceed to scheduling our three day visit. . . A visit that will be a totally unique effort for all of us!