The first day I arrive at your dental offices, a lot of things will be happening. A synopsis would include my meeting everyone and getting to know what their experience levels are, evaluation the physical plant, my introductory presentation which will include a little bit of the history of dental implants, the overall three-day schedule in detail and the examination and treatment planning for at least three patients.

It is important that I know the capabilities of you and your staff at this early point. We will talk about this in the pre-planning phase, but I can be much more directed in my approach once I have met you all. If you have more than one dental assistant, they will all be trained, but by the end of the course, we will designate one to be the Surgical Assistant. We will see what equipment you already have, and I will make suggestions for additions and deletions as necessary.

The morning will be spent in lectures of history, general basic technique, implant and prosthodontic variations and reviewing some of my patient treatments. We will talk about various dental implant designs and some advanced techniques of recent years. We should have lunch brought in each day, so we can continue the discussion while we eat.

The afternoon will be dedicated to diagnosis and treatment planning with lectures and live patient evaluations. I will provide forms for the patients to fill out for informed consent and releases. We will choose patients from that group for the day 2 and 3 activities. There will be a follow-up discussion at the end of the day to discuss thee information presented, ask questions about any of the information and briefly discuss the next day’s activities. There will be at least one article to discuss sometime at the end of the day.