Over the past several years, dentistry has become very interested in combining the mechanical process of placing dental implants with digital processes to ensure the best placement of each implants. The techniques have become quite clear for doing this. For the edentulous patient, You would make a very well fitting complete denture, place markers in the denture border and scan the patient. The scan is sent to a trained Laboratory and models and stents are fabricated. The stent are returned and used to place the implant to an exact position at an exact depth. Vital structures and thus be avoided. The lab also constructs the prosthesis which can be inserted at the same visit the implants are place. The patient walks in with dentures and leaves with a fixed prosthesis.


  • Diagnosis & Treatment Plan
  • Construction of Implant Placement Stents
  • Scan
  • Lab Procedure
  • Implant & Prosthesis Placement