The core of this course is Dental Implant Surgery and the goal is to teach you how to diagnose, treatment plan, surgically place and restore Dental Implants. To do this, we will have lectures, lab demonstrations, lab exercises and you will perform surgical placements on your patients.

Based on our initial conversations, I will make sure that you have the proper equipment available in your dental office to safely perform dental implant surgery. I will train you and your dental nurse to perform the necessary procedures and instruct you on follow-up and the restorative phase. If you would like to purchase your own system, or you already have a system, that will work out just fine. There are lots of surgical systems out there, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

I will be available for consultation after the course is completed to answer any questions that might come up or to help you solve any problems that might arise. Don't forget that practicing dentistry is a great deal about problem solving.


Implant Placement