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New and Exciting. . . is about to embark on a new and exciting project. We are converting our world famous dental implant site to add a unique referral service for our viewers. We are compiling a list of Certified Dental Implan Expert Practioners. If you are looking for a Dental Implant Expert in your area to do your dental work, we have the answer for you. We are still maintaining and adding to our basic dental implant information which has made this site so popular for the past 20 years, but now, we can help you find a qualified dentist to do your dental implant work in your area.

We are in the process of a total site redesign so look back here often over the next few months to find the new information and services. Thank you for your loyalty and interest... The Dental Implant Management.

Teeth in A Day. . .


Competition among dentists has resulted in developing ways in which we can make dental implants more attractive to our patients. Dentists have come up with things such as "Teeth in a Day", "Teeth Today" and even "Teeth in an Hour". The goal of all of these protocols is to get the patient their "Teeth" fast and efficiently. The problems with these protocols are that they are directly against the original Branemark protocols that gave us the first really successful dental implants and they bypass the basic tenants of sound implant placement and good prosthodontic judgment.

True these procedures do work out in some cases but they always carry a higher failure rate and a greater overall expenses. They may lead to an actual time of treatment that is much longer than more consevative protocols. Over the years, I have done a number of these cases with fairly good results. I picked my patients very carefully to use only the ones who I felt would lend themselves to these techniques and have generally avoided the failures that some of my collegues experience.

 When all is said and done, I recommend to my patients to do this with the tried and true conservative method which while it takes a little longer, always results in a superior restoration and a happier patient.

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