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New and Exciting. . . is about to embark on a new and exciting project. We are converting our world famous dental implant site to add a unique referral service for our viewers. We are compiling a list of Certified Dental Implan Expert Practioners. If you are looking for a Dental Implant Expert in your area to do your dental work, we have the answer for you. We are still maintaining and adding to our basic dental implant information which has made this site so popular for the past 20 years, but now, we can help you find a qualified dentist to do your dental implant work in your area.

We are in the process of a total site redesign so look back here often over the next few months to find the new information and services. Thank you for your loyalty and interest... The Dental Implant Management.

Specialties in Dentistry:


Dentistry has the following recognized specialties:

General dentists are trained to do most of the procedures in everyday dentistry. The specialists are utilized to provide a higher standard of care and to treat the more difficult patients. Any dentist, for instance, may extract a tooth or make a crown. An oral surgeon is often consulted for difficult extractions such as wisdom teeth and other maxillofacial surgical procedures while a prosthodontist might be consulted for a complete set of crowns or a major rehabilitation of the mouth.

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