The cost of dental implants



Dental Implants are expensive and usually not covered by dental insurance. In the United States, the reason that they are so expensive is that you usually have to see two different dentists to get your teeth replaced! 

If your general dentist is going to replace a missing tooth utilizing a dental implant, he will usually refer you to an oral surgeon or a periodontist to have the implant placed. The placement of the implant will be one fee and then you return to your dentist to have the job finished for a second fee. Those of us who provide both parts of the process for our patients can charge much less for the same procedures.

In some situations today, we still pay for these services according to the number of implants used. Dentistry, however, has realized that the number of implants used for a given restoration is most important in terms of the success of the restoration, not the overall fee and we have begun to start charging patients according to the complexity of the overall procedure. It is certainly much more cost effective when the same dentist both places and restores a patient's dentition, but this is not always possible. In the future, as dental implants are incorporated into the scope of general practice, implants will be not only much more widespread in their use, but much more cost effective for the patients. If you would like more detailed information about dental implant fees and the opportunity to see my fee schedule, just check out my Cost of Dental Implants module. If you would like to get an idea of the range of fees for dental implants, check out my Comparison of Dental Fees.


While fees for dental implants and the restorations that attach to them vary greatly from dentist to dentist and from one area of the country to another, patients have to be aware of what they are getting for their money. In the last few years, many dentists have been offering the use of mini implants to secure dental restorations at reduced fees. They work very well in stabilizing a lower denture.  Mini implants may not have the longevity of regular implants but for many people, they can provide a very economical solution to providing a stable and functional dentition.

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