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Why is this site Different?


First of all doctor, I want to tell you why this site is different from all other sites that act as dentist directories:

The Dentists on this site must be qualified before they can be listed! You do not simply pay a fee to be qualified, but you submit your Bona Fides and participate in an interview and perhaps an on-site visit before you are accepted to appear on the site. This gives the patients the real incentive to find a Qualified Expert here.To find out what we base our qulifications on, please visit How We Select Our Experts.

This site exists to help patients find you and to learn about your services regarding dental implants. In order to be placed on this list as a qualified expert in dental implants, you will have to register and fill out the required information. Please fill in all fields so that we may get an accurate picture of your qualifications. Once you have submitted the information, we will be in touch to discuss your practice and possibly set up an on-site visit. You can register using the "DENTISTS" link above. If you would like to speak to me directly, my email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..