Endosseous Blade Implants

Description Blade implants have been around for a long time. They are long flat pieces of metal that are inserted into a trough in the bone. They have many different shapes and come from several manufacturers.
Surgical Advantages:

They require only a thin amount of bone bucco-lingually in order to place the successfully. They can be bent and shaped to fit variations in anatomy


Surgical Disadvantages

The mesio-distal (width) dimensions are almost always greater than the maximum mesio-distal width of the tooth and this can sometimes cause a problem in tooth placement. Traditional blade placement incorporated immediate loading and therefore a high degree of failure. If these implants utilize delayed loading, they will integrate much like the root form implants providing the bone has not been damaged. Fracture of thin alveolar ridges has not been uncommon.


Prosthetic Advantages



Prosthetic Disadvantages

Prosthetic abutments are very limited and abutments may not be in the position that we would want for ideal tooth placement.



These implants are easy and economical to manufacture. They can be made anywhere around the world and titanium is the most Abundant metal we have. Manufacturers add on quite a bit and then dentists add on even more.



This is basically an inferior category and has limited, if any, indication today. These implants are NOT recommended!



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