External Hex


The external hex is the original prosthetic connection for the dental implants designed by Dr. Brånemark. Actually the hex itself was only on the implant to enable the operator to screw the implant into the bone. It subsequently became important as a prosthetic connection as various forms of prosthetic restoration evolved.


Prosthetic Advantages

Most common type of prosthetic attachment. Has the most options available. While there are some variations in the actual size of the external hex from manufacturer to manufacturer, this has proven to be a stable and useful prosthetic attachment for all kinds of restorations


Prosthetic Disadvantages

Poor technique will allow for loosening of this attachment and premature wear of the hex. There has also been reports of broken screws.



The ubiquity of this attachment interface makes it the most economical in the market although there are variations that are somewhat more expensive.



My choice as the most versatile and effective attachment in the group.


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