Going out of the USA for Implants


Many US citizens travel abroad each year to get their dental implants at a reduced fee in countries that have a lower economic standing than ours.  They usually do save quite a bit of money, but they are often exposed to procedures done by dentists with very little training in these highly complex areas. Furthermore, they are stranded when they come back home having little or no recourse against malpractice in other countries.

Dr. Davidoff's practice is 100% dental implant based. He places the implants and he does the crowns or overdenture restorations that are necessary for the completion of the patient treatment. Dr. Davidoff stands 100% behind his work so in the rare event you do have a problem, he will take care of it. Dr. Davidoff, because of his expertise and large volume is able to perform these services for fees that are very reasonable indeed so it might be worth while, before you book that trip to Costa Rica to call Dr. Davidoff and find out what it would cost you to have the procedures done right here.

S. Robert Davidoff, DMD, FACP

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