Implant Crown and Bridge

Implant Crown and Bridge Restorations

 The patient shown in this section has become a good friend of mine and I'm delighted to show the work that has been done for him. When we started a few years ago, Robert was 75 years old and had been looking all around Boca Raton to find someone to replace his missing teeth.

The Panorex shows the situation about a year or so before I saw him. The Lower left second bicuspid was lost by the time I first examined Robert, and the first bicuspid appeared to be cracked and non-salvageable. the bridge on the upper left was hanging down into the lower edentulous space and he was missing his molars on the upper right. The Periapical radiograph shows a slight dehiscence in the second bicuspid region which turned out to be a very large defect. I elected to bypass placing an implant in that defect and placed one implant in the first bicuspid site (immediately placement) and two implants in the area of the first molar.






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