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For over three decades, Dr. S. Robert Davidoff developed and maintained a successful dental practice in Southern Florida utilizing the technology of dental implants as a restorative treatment wonder for his patients. He began his training in this field by participating in the very first North American Nobel Pharma (now "Nobel Biocare") course under the tutelage of P. I. Brånemark in 1984. A number of years later, he was one of the first Board Certified Prosthodontist to train in the "Dental Implant Surgical Techniques” of dental implants. Along with his colleagues, in the following years, he attended countless training sessions and treated thousands of patients perfecting and tuning his techniques specializing in the prosthodontic applications of dental Implants. Along the way, he shared his discoveries and training through published articles, world-wide lecture tours and local continuing education seminars for those wishing to advance their capabilities.

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Today, after taking a step back and evaluating the many years of education and training he experienced, Dr. Davidoff has developed what he believes to be a meaningful, comprehensive and worthwhile format for advancing individualized dental implant restorative education…..his "Dental Implant Mentoring" course. It consists of a comprehensive three-day hands on “in office” training program. The heart of the concept of this program is that the practitioner's office becomes the nucleus of learning. 
 Each three-day course is customized for the practitioner's needs. The curriculum is also accompanied by reading assignments, PowerPoint lectures and direct communication with Dr. Davidoff. When he arrives at the office…. the schedule and procedures are set to start immediately!

Before you contact Dr. Davidoff, use the menu bar above and the menu on the left of your screen to peruse all the materials that we have prepared for you. Pay attention to the course information. It gives you a day-by-day breakdown plus information about the per-course activities and the post course support. The equipment list is under the FORMS Menu and arrangements to use loaner equipment or purchase from our manufacturing partners can be easily accommodated. When you’re ready, pick up the phone and call me at 561-212-4391 and we will discuss your needs. Enjoy this site and I look forward to meeting you soon.

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