Dental Implant Systems Introduction

One thing that I will say to prospective patients at the outset:

At the present time (May, 2008), with regard to endosseous root form implants, there is no indication whatsoever that any given implant, surface treatment, prosthetic attachment, placement technique or brand of implant offers any perceptible advantage to the patient in terms of the clinical result. For the present, all of these root form implants are created equal in terms of their effectiveness for patient treatment, however, there is significant research going on in the micro-structure of dental implants and we have some promising directions to follow. One notable advance is the deposition of calcium and phosphate at the nano level of the implant surface such as the osseon surface of the Intra-Lock implant system (please note that I am involved with this company).  If your dentist prefers a particular implant or a particular surface or technique, his or her experience with this system is the overriding factor in your treatment and if you believe your dentist to be capable and well trained in these techniques, go with their suggestions and don't waste your time trying to outguess your doctor.

Some day, we might have an implant or a surface or a technique that really proves superior in terms of patient treatment. When that happens, I will be the first to jump on the band wagon...

S. Robert Davidoff, DMD, FACP

* Some of the information in this section may be outdated. If you are aware of any discrepancies, please contact me. SRD 


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