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I have some information here about dentists all over the world who work with dental implants.


Perhaps the most critical factor in implant dentistry is your decision as to which dentist will be in charge of your treatment.

Even though there is a surgical portion to treatment involving dental implants, it must be remembered that this is what is called a "Restorative Dental Procedure". Therefor, it is imperative that a restorative dentist heads the implant team (If the restorative dentist also places the implants, so much the better...). If you have a Prosthodontist in your area, I would recommend that this would be your starting point. Prosthodontists are trained specialists in Restorative Dentistry and are extremely well trained in dental implant techniques. If your Prosthodontist does not actually place the implants, he or she can direct you to a qualified Oral Surgeon or Periodontist for the implant placement phase of your treatment. You can locate a Prosthodontist in your area by contacting the American College of Prosthodontists.


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