Dental Implant Surgery

 Painless Dental Implant Surgery

Some people are dissuaded from dental implant surgery because of the anticipated pain. Thanks to over twenty years of clinical research, Dr. Davidoff has developed a technique of placing dental implants that is fast and painless. Patients can have their dental implants placed by Dr. Davidoff in minutes with no pain during the procedure and no pain afterwards. Most patients are truely astonished as to how easily the procedure is accomplished.


 Dr . Davidoff began placing dental implants over twenty years ago and immediately noticed that the procedure was difficult for many patients causing post-operative pain, swelling and bruising. Very early on Dr. Davidoff began to look into placing dental implants in a more gentle way eliminating the need for disruptive surgery, pain and post-operative problems. He did his homework to develop a "flap-less" surgical approach which allows him to place an implant without using a scalpel or sutures and thereby eliminating the post-operative pain and complications that many patients experience.

The Davidoff procedure allows implants to be placed with greater precision and eliminates the post-operative discomfort and  complications of full scalpel surgery. After years of doing this specific technique for his patients, Dr. Davidoff feels confident that the Davidoff technique can be used for 90% of his patients allowing the achievement of an outstanding success rate and a lot of very satisfied patients.

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