PG Pros Seminar


Dental Implantology

A Practicing Prosthodontist's Perspective


This is a full day course designed for Post Graduate Prosthodontic and Implantology students. It is also suitable for PG Perio and Oral Surgery students. The program covers the essentials of treatment planning, implant placement and implant restoration. The course is designed on a very practical, how-to basis which will give the students specific information for treating patients in their own practices. There is a good balance between diagnosis and treatment planning and the clinical techniques of placing and restoring dental implants. These presentations make extensive use of computer projected modules including numerous videos and liberal handouts. Follow-up information and support is available at the web site (


1. Introduction to the private practice of implant based restorative dentistry

2. The role of the Patient in Dental Implantology Procedures

2. The Essentials of Treatment Planning for Implant Supported Restorations

4. Treating Mandibular Edentulism

5. The Standard of Care in Implantology and Implant Prosthodontics

6. Implant Systems Demystified

7. Debunking the Controversies in Dental Implantology

8. Basic Bone Grafting

9. Marketing, Fees and Professional Responsibilities

10. Q&A

Additional Materials:

1. Several CD-ROM courses are available for distribution


This seminar is available to Post Graduate Dental Programs. Arrangements must be made at least three months in advance and fees and allowances will be discussed at that time. For more information, call me at 561-347-0105 (Toll Free - 888-DENT-IMPlants) or Email me...

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