The American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry offers an examination which purports to certify dentists as being competent in Implant Dentistry. Many dentists who have taken and passed this exam are competent dental implant practitioners, some are exceptional but most do not have the significant training to make them qualified in these areas of dentistry. It is the goal of this Board in conjunction with the AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry) to foster a pretend specialty in dental implantology by simulating the exams which a true dental specialist might go through. Without the proper training, however, these exams really mean nothing.

Dental implantology is not a specialty. Members of the AAID and or Dentists who have been certified by the ABOI/ID are not specialists in dental implantolgy (although they very well may be specialists in other recognized areas of dentistry). Since dental implantology is not a specialty, almost every type of dentist, specialist or general practitioner, works in this area and there are many outstanding specialists and general practitioners providing dental implant services.

If you go to a dentist who has this "credential" from the ABOI/ID and no other specialty degree, you cannot assume that he or she has significant training in dental implants. Check the reputations and results of these practitioners very careful and always choose one who has demonstrated consistent success with dental implant modalities in your community.

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