Cosmetic Dentistry Post-Operative

With the patient in constant pain and very disillusioned about what dentistry might provide for her, she sought out a legal remedy. Her lawyer referred her to a dentist for evaluation concerning the medico-legal issues of her treatment. That dentist referred her to me for correction of the problems and it became my job to first gain the patient's confidence, then undo the bad work that had been done and finally to provide her with the "Cosmetic" restorations that she had originally sought. Because the previous dentist had ground off all of the enamel, I could no longer use a porcelain laminate as the final restoration. I had to use a full crown and my decision was to utilize an all ceramic restoration. The first step in this treatment was to remove the laminates and prepare the teeth placing a well fitting provisional restoration. This was accomplished at the first appointment and when the patient found out that the appointment was not at all painful and that in one fairly easy visit, I could improve her appearance and make her more comfortable, she started to feel more at ease and seemed to have her faith in dentistry restored. The Provisional restorations were left in place for a month or two to allow the gum tissue to properly heal up. I then prepared the teeth for the final restorations carefully making the impressions and sending everything to my lab in New York. The completed ceramic crowns came back two weeks later and I tried them in to see how they looked. We all loved the appearance and they were subsequently cemented into place. The photos on this page show how the patient looks today.











The provisional restorations were done by Boca Provisionals in Boca Raton, Florida and the final all ceramic crowns were done by LifeLike Porcelain Studios in Nanuet, New York.

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