Immediate v Delayed Principles

 Before 1984, implant dentistry was a murky area with a high degree of failure. There were not many dentists placing dental implants because the systems that were available did not work well. This all changed with the introduction of Dr. P. I. BrÃ¥nemark's work in 1984. Dr. BrÃ¥nemark showed that it was possible to place an implant shaped somewhat like the root of a tooth and have a high degree of success when the restoration was attached to the implant.

 Dr. BrÃ¥nemark's implant worked where others had failed because of several factors. The first factor was the use of titanium, a material that promotes osseointegration. The second factor was that Dr. BrÃ¥nemark advocated delayed loading of up to 6 months (before Dr. BrÃ¥nemark, all implants were of the immediate load variety). Dr. BrÃ¥nemark also advocated a gentle surgical technique for placement of the implant and initial stabilization of the implant in the bone to allow it to integrate properly.

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