Since this site went on line over 15 years ago, I get lots of questions about dental implants. I have addressed many of the issues in various sections on this site, but I thought it might help to have a definitive question and answer section which is aimed at giving you exactly the information you need to make intelligent decisions about dental implants. These questions will be in a form that you would ask your dentist. I will provide the answers that I think you should receive and, when possible, I will give you hints on what to watch out for.... Not all of these questions will apply to your particular treatment, but you will have enough choices to at least make some intelligent decisions about your dental work.... Terminology is a major factor in understanding the workings of this type of dentistry... So, I will try to be as clear as possible when I am describing certain events and I will also add a glossary of terms so you can look up the meaning of specifics.


This section is, of course, designed for patient information but I do encourage all of you dentists to check it out as well to be prepared to answer your patients questions. The information in here represents 15 years of working in this field and I'm sure you will find it quite valuable. To use this site, choose a category from the menu on the left side of the screen. Enjoy this section of my web site and if you have any questions, just contact me...

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