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Instructions on how to use and navigate this site.

This page contains the five major menus that will help you to properly navigate this site. Therse menus are also on the front page of the site (Also known as the "Home Page") and on most other pages in part or in their entirety. To always return to the Home page, click the link on the top grey bar which says 'HOME'.There are other menus that will come into play as you navigate deeper into the site, but the two at the top of this page and the three menus to the left of the page are the major ones. Also, there will always be the Header Menu at the top of the page which will allow you to better navigate the site from wherever you are within.

General Info Menu

This menu give you accsess to information about this site and links to new or current information about dental implants.You can find forms to ask questions here and to contact me directly.

Implant Info Menu

This menu leads you to specific information about dental implants and implant systems. It will give you a general view of what is going on in the dental implant world. 

About Dr. Davidoff Menu

This information is relative to Dr. Davidoff and his Dental practice. There is also a link to the 'News and Commentary' sectioln of the web site as well as a link to Dr. Davidoff's favorite and most important dental implant sites. You can also contact Dr. Davidoff through this menu.

For Patients Menu
This menu has key information about dental treatment with dental implants. The heart of the menu is the Patient treatment area which contains hundreds of actual patient treatments. There is also informaion here about fees for implants and finding a qualified dentist to do your dental implants.

For Dentists Menu

This has information about dental implants that will be particularly intersting to dentists who are either working in this field or would like to get started with dental implants in their own offices. Dentists can apply to be listed on this site through this menu. They can also learn about new products and continuing education courses.

Contact Information

All of Dr. Davidoff's contact information is on every page in the upper right menu....

Contact Dr. Davidoff

S. Robert Davidoff, dmd, facp 3695 W. Boynton Beach Blvd.
Boynton Beach, Florida 33436
Suite #5
Phone: 561-734-0505
Fax: 561-734-0506
Cell: 561-212-4391
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