Sub Periosteal Implants

DescriptionThese are implants that are made to fit over and around the jaw bone. They can be used in the upper or the lower jaw. Older techniques made it necessary to do a surgical procedure to expose the bone and take an impression. Then the model was sent to a lab and the framework was constructed, returned to the dentist who would then do a second surgery to insert the implant. Today, x-rays can be used to make a three dimensional model on which the implant framework is made.
Surgical Advantages:

Proponents of these implants would say that they can be used in areas where there is not enough bone to use root form implants. This is not true.


Surgical Disadvantages

The surgical technique is difficult and demanding and often causes damage to critical structures. When these implants fail, and they do have a very high failure rate, there is always a great deal of damage to hard and soft tissues. Implants must be custom constructed for each patient.


Prosthetic Advantages



Prosthetic Disadvantages

Prosthetic abutments are very limited and abutments may not be in the position that we would want for ideal tooth placement.



These implants are difficult and costly to manufacture. They can only be manufactured in select areas and the equipment and techniques do vary somewhat.



This is basically an inferior category and has no indication today. Not recommended!



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