Techniques of Implant Placement

When the endosseous root form implants were first introduced, there was one specific technique for placing them. The technique was defined by Dr. Brånemark and was for a long time the only technique. Over the years, things have changed a bit, but the original techniques are still well respected. They go as follows:

1. Gentle, atraumatic insertion

2. Initial stabilization

3. A period of unloaded integration

There seems to be a number of dentists and manufacturers ready to violate the basic techniques in the spirit of getting a more rapid or a better result. They especially like to mess with the third tenant of a "period of unloaded integration". Even Dr. Brånemark has advocated immediate loading in certain instances. This is very interesting since the dawn of this technology was bolstered by the fact that previous implant systems did not work because they were loaded too fast!

The basic rule is that for anyone starting out in dental implantology, follow the original Brånemark tenants and you probably wont get into trouble. Experienced users may bend the rules to suit various situations as long as they can be sure of the outcomes.



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