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Long Term survival Of Implant Restorations


I have been doing implant dentistry for over 22 years now since the first Brånemark course were given in North America in 1984. It has been a tremendous learning experience and some of the things that were not apparent at the beginning of this journey have come to light over the years.

The most important factor in treatment with dental implants is the longevity and maintenance of the restoration and the implants. There is nothing so frustrating as to try to treat a patient with a failing implant restoration that is just not salvageable. For implant restorations to survive, the implants must be properly placed and the restoration must fit and function  exactly. Any compromise here leads to a long term failure and a very unhappy patient. Also, it important to choose implants and components that are popular and will be supported over a long period of time. Choosing a minor implant system or component can lead to a long term disaster when parts are no longer available for that system.

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